Film Scorer | Music Producer | Composer | Arranger | Pianist


Name: Bryan Yeo

Age: 25

Instrument: Piano, Keyboard, Clarinet, Saxophone, Drums

Location: Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia



Bryan is a professional multi-intrumentalist and skilled in music production as well as film composition. He learnt classical piano and gradually broaden his scope in the field of music. He achieved A+ honours for Diploma in piano performance at the age of 18. Besides mastering a number of instruments, He is able to perform a variety of music styles ranging from classical to jazz. Moreover, he plays by ear and deftly improvise any songs or music on the spot.

Apart from that, he is knowledgeable in technology especially computer related. He holds a Bachelors in Information technology and Networking. During his free time, he spends it on writing scores for films covering a myriad of styles as well as composing fitting music for it. He also experiments with other genre of music such as EDM. He is eager to always need to know about the latest of technology may it be computing, automobiles, software or hardware.

Writing music and scoring for films has always intrigue Bryan. He is fascinated with how music is able to articulate the sense of emotion that visual videos are not able to. With great music and visuals combined together, Bryan believes that this is the most powerful way to convey emotions to the audience.

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